Who I Am

Marie uses a progressive system of training based on positive reinforcement, with the goal always being an established and developed mutual understanding with the horse as a willing, relaxed, and supple partner. Training begins on the ground, focusing on safety, only then transitioning to riding under saddle, and ultimately to the highest level of competition. Marie’s training provides a solid foundation from which to build the performance horse of any rider’s dreams; a safe, solid, willing partner.
Marie brings her special skills, quiet nature, and equine understanding to bear on the training of horses from all walks of life. She also specializes in correcting the problem horse and re-establishing trust and effective communication between horse and rider.

What I Do

| equestrian skills
  • Fifteen plus years of experience riding dressage, and western pleasure.
  • Starting young horses, from ground work through riding.
  • Ten years teaching balanced seat, dressage, and western pleasure.
  • Spotless safety record, top reputation for professional integrity and value of services.
  • Developed riding program, managed lesson horses, secured additional mounts for program, and maintained equipment, budgets and records.
  • Developed horsemanship seminars and camps, including a horse ownership series.  Thirty percent of participants bought or leased a horse within 6 months; 100% of these boarded the horse at host facility.
  • Created emotionally therapeutic riding programs using horses as a modality to explore conflict resolution and other life skills.  Integrated therapeutic riding activities with each participant’s individual program of care.


| what clients are saying

Doug J
Auburn, Washington

I can’t adequately say all this in an email, but I did not want to bother you with another phone call, as I know you have so much to do there at the barn.  But I had to thank you again for participating in my little piece of madness last night, understanding why I had to it, and, if not fully agreeing that it was a great idea, not standing in my way.

I suspect I will not be on the back of a horse again for 6-8 weeks.  But I would have been haunted (not by fear, but by something I can’t quite describe, having to do with the relationship with Sassy–I had to reconnect) the entire time if I we hadn’t got to finish up “on a good note.”  Now I can take the time to get better so I can get going again, and I will be out there with carrots in the meantime.  My drug-mucked mind will not give me the name of the young woman who helped out as well–please relay my deepest thanks to her also.  Only crazy horse people could understand what happened there in the round pen last night, but, to me, it deepened my feelings tremendously about what this whole thing is about.

Thanks again, so much.

Betsy C
Puyallup, Washington

 I was so fortunate to find Marie as my first trainer.
I’m a 52 year old woman who has had no riding experience.  I presented Marie with some interesting challenges in that, I wanted to learn to ride, in a short amount of time, and to be able to handle a variety of horses without owning one of my own.   This might have made most trainers turn and run….

Not Marie…. She listened carefully to my dilemma, she totally understood that I had a group of women cousins, all horse owners who wanted me to ride with them quite often, and even though I don’t own a horse, was being put on a variety of horses and did NOT feel comfortable with my riding skills.  I felt that if I didn’t learn “quickly” how to ride correctly, I could get hurt.  She took that seriously, has trained me on a horse that challenges me instead of a push button horse, and has worked with me in a professional manner. She has pushed me when needed, encouraged me when I thought I was failing and best of all has made me feel confident in my skills!

Thanks to her, I’m no longer “scared to death” to do ground work around horses, I feel I’m learning to read their body language and I feel SO ready to go ride the hills in Arizona this winter!

I highly recommend Marie as a trainer. She loves what she does, she loves her horses and yet balances out that love with a common sense approach always teaching you what’s best for the horse.

Ft Lewis, Washington

My Daughter Rebecca has been a student of Mrs. Marie Ramos for 6 months.  Mrs. Marie has changed my daughter from a rider who was afraid of her horse and being over controlled, to a young 10 year old girl with confidence and courage.  I have seen my daughter ride horses that she has never been on before and have the skill and confidence to ride through obstacle courses and at all three gates, (walk, trot and canter).  I cannot give a higher recommendation to a teacher, mentor and friend than to Mrs. Marie; she has changed my daughter and re-invigorated a love for riding that as a father you can only hope for.

Puyallup, Washington

My daughter is currently taking lessons from Marie.  She came to Marie with 2 years of lessons under her belt, but is now learning all the more subtle cues of dressage.

I am in awe of Marie’s knowledge and expertise.  There is a horse on the property at E & K that Marie had never met before.  She got on this horse and made her do pirouettes and other dressage moves that no one, including her owner, knew this mare could do.  Upon hearing this I thought to myself, “My daughter is definitely in the right hands.”

I’ve seen Marie with both beginning and intermediate riders.  Her standards are high and her students must rise to them, but she delivers her expectations with great kindness and patience.

I’m really looking forward to the heights my daughter will reach under Marie’s continued instruction!